September 12, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!

What’s New

  • In Create New User, we’ve added a new feature where you can delay the auto email that is sent to them. This is useful if you need to onboard multiple users at once, but maybe it falls in a different time zone or over the weekend – you can now prepare these users and set a delay for their notification that their username has been created.


  • User Profile / Billing tab:
    • Some pop-up windows were using incorrect colors, this has been fixed.
    • Clicking on the ‘cancel subscription’ option a second time was causing an issue with the text missing, this has been fixed.
  • The search area in IE11 was showing an issue with an outline around the search icon – this has been fixed.
  • Interactive Landing Page – the custom template type was missing some essential ingredients for success, in the custom html body section – that html snippet has been added.
  • Interactive Video Composer:
    • Saving changes – the prompt on Save has been fixed.
    • An issue with Video selection has been resolved.
    • Hotspot issues – where the hotspot was able to fall out of the video area – has been resolved.
  • In Courseware Management: the Courseware Search UI layout has been updated to fix some alignment issues.
  • Content Containers: You can now add active courses to a container when the category is inactive.
  • 101 – Search and Manage locations has been updated with a new checkbox to add a ‘template location’ as an output option.
  • Location Settings:
    • We’ve updated the “api template” section to instead be called “template location” to work better with the previous update.
    • We’ve made it impossible to accidentally click twice when creating a location to avoid creating 2 duplicate locations.
    • We’ve now limited any updates or access to the location notes to Super User B users (top admins).


  • Mobile update – showing the color indicator of your progress on the chapter screen has been updated – you can now more easily see your progress through a course on mobile devices.
  • By popular demand, we’ve added ’email address’ as an output on several reports – including the location content report and the certification report.
  • We’ve added a tool tip to the multi-location usage report – certification report – passing percentage for more clarity on what this column represents.
  • We’ve updated the enrollment form to now show access level and content role IDs for easier use if you have that information on-hand.