October 9, 2020

The All New Interactive Studio

More Features. Better Performance. Amazing Results.

With the latest release, we’ve added the all new Interactive Studio – this new feature is an updated version of the Interactive Video Composer that you’re all familiar with, but it now brings brand new interactive options and a great new user experience – and allows us to build on more great features in the future!

One small note: because of all of the new bells and whistles, any changes you make to previously “published” interactive videos, will no longer be compatible with the old Video Composer.

The new Studio allows you to interact with viewers like never before, directly from within your video:

  1. Collect Contact Details: Stop and ask viewers to enter their name, email or phone number – all of which will show up in the Interactivity Report which can be exported.
  2. Collect Feedback: Stop and ask viewers open ended questions, allowing users to type whatever answer they’d like – all of which show up in the reporting section.

We’re really excited for you to check out the new interactive options as well as a brand new, user-friendly interface. Check out the Support documentation below, or simply sign in now and follow the tutorial!