October 31, 2019

What’s New

Media Library

The Media Library has been updated with all new filtering and tagging abilities. You can now “tag” any piece of media with a unique word or phrase that you can then easily search for. 

You can add as many tags as you’d like to each piece of media.

Media Library Tagging

New filtering options allow you to select from Videos, Interactive Videos, Audio, Images, and Documents to narrow down your searches.

Please Note: Over the next few weeks we’ll be making many more updates for the new Tags to be included in all areas of the platform. Also of note, we’ve temporarily disabled the “Total Duration of all Videos” calculation. We’re planning on bringing that back in the near future.

Updated and Fixed

Main Menu: The Activity Tracker has made a triumphant return, please give it a nice long hug.

Assigned Training:

  • “Past Due” Email update: We’ve made a small update to the “Past Due” email message. The previous message felt too negative, so we re-worded it a bit.
  • “Sort by” issue: We fixed an issue in the reports section where the columns were not sorting correctly when selected.

LightPad: We’ve made a small change to the email template that is used when sending emails to multiple Locations. If multiple Locations are selected, now we are going to hide the Location Name to avoid any confusion as to where the email is coming from.

Reset In-Progress: We’ve added a new note to the “reset in-progress” utility – and that note is: Users must sign out and sign in again for the reset to work properly.

Sign In Pages: We fixed an issue where using “LinkedIn” to sign in was not working.