October 30, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!

What’s New

  • With the latest updates to the Interactive Video Composer, you can build interactive videos faster than ever – with no need for post-production editing to add questions and buttons. Simply shoot your video parts, upload them directly to the Media Library and start connecting all your segments using the “Display Question + Buttons” overlay option. With the ability to select Primary or Secondary colors, your buttons will always match a Locations' Private Label Theme, wherever your course is active.
  • IVC: Question and Button Layouts
  • In addition to various bug fixes, we’ve also updated the naming conventions for certain items for greater clarity and overall ease of use.
  • In the 402.2 Content Containers section, there is a new Content Role Mapping tool that is now available to you for use. The tool will allow you to assign or remove a content role to multiple users at once, based on whichever criteria you enter. This can be useful for assigning or re-assigning a Content Role to many users at once.


  • Team Management – there were some inconsistencies between the number of people on a team on different reporting screens – these have been updated to be aligned correctly.
  • Location Level Certification report – clicking ‘print’ wasn’t aligning correctly, we’ve updated this to be supported on most modern browsers – users on IE11 and Edge will still need to manipulate their settings a bit, but Chrome, Firefox and Safari should now have a clean out-of-the-box printing experience.
  • The Category/Course duplication process will no longer duplicate inactive chapters.
  • The new icon for the Bookmark feature that was implemented last quarter has been updated on some pages that never received the original update (My Notes, Search, My Favorites).
  • The VT2GO “My Profile” section found under 401 – System Management has now been opened up to Super User B users – this will allow you to configure your own VT2GO content A to Z without any of our assistance.
  • Super User B users can now correctly search by older deactivated systems that they still have access to. You can do this by using the 401 – System Management tool, when searching for systems, enter your keyword and select “all” or “inactive” to view them. They will appear greyed out, and you can also view a list of locations assigned to them.
  • Any updates made to the ‘Billing Notes’ section of the Billing tab will now automatically change the Location back to ‘pending’ so our Accounting department can review and approve of the update.
  • We’ve added a “select which System” filter to the Manage all Users (201) section – this will help isolate or reduce the number of results when searching for users in specific Systems that may have a common generic last name like ‘smith’ or ‘levenson’.
  • We’ve added a slider menu link and admin access to Postables to all Systems as a new default menu item. If you’d like to know more about this feature please let us know and we’d be happy to run you through it!