October 24, 2017

New Version 6 “Private Label Themer” Updates

Under the Main Menu Carousel section, the carousel slides are now much easier to manage: Drag and drop them to easily change their order, and also expand or collapse them to only show the one you’re working on.

Under the Shared Properties section, we’ve added more options that we’ll be implementing into the system. Once these are in place, we’ll be able to remove redundant properties in other sections (aka, we’re going to make it much easier to build Private Label Themes).

System-wide Update – Version 6

The Top Navigation (header bar) has been streamlined, providing greater flexibility and ease of use. For users on large screen devices, you’ll notice a little helper we’ve added – just hover your mouse over the more icon and take a “peak”.

*You’ll notice a Home icon at the top left, that when clicked will take you back to the Main Menu – the toggle to turn this icon on or off can be found in the Private Label Themer, under the Header section.

New Feautre

Subjective Data Webhooks: We’ve created a new event type called “Custom Subjective Data” where an HTML page can be built as a custom “training exercise” and dropped into the existing Content Management System. This provides a lot of flexibility, from surveys, to open text areas and multiple radio button selections. You can pose any type of question and have that data sent to one (or many) “URL Endpoints” to leverage as desired.

Read more about how you can take advantage of this today.

Bug Fixes

  • We’re continuing to rid the system of Flash dependencies (just down to some small buttons and minor things). We’ve updated several areas that had some elements remaining:
    • Certification Report
    • Report Card – Course Detail
    • Usage Report – Drill Down Report
    • SUD – 102.1 – Search & Manage Locations
    • SUD – 301 – Multi System Summary Report
    • SUD – 304 – Multi Location Usage Report – Grid View – Legacy
    • SUD – 306 – Certification Reports
  • On Mac / iOS devices, we have resolved an issue where the Powered By LightSpeed VT Logo was animating incorrectly.
  • We fixed an issue where rotating your mobile device during video play was causing pillaring black bars on the sides, shrinking the viewing area.
  • We resolved an issue with Chapter Ranking – if two chapters share the same rank, they should now be sorting by Alphabetical order.
  • The Bulk Course Activation tool has had some quality of life updates. We’ve increased the size of the Location Selection area as well as made an update to the ‘Search’ field – you can now search for a Location, make your selection, and continue to make further searches while your original selection remains checked.
  • We’ve resolved a long-standing issue by agreeing that a Hot Dog is NOT a sandwich. If you disagree, please email [email protected] – he’d love to hear your opinion on the matter!
  • On the Certification Watchdog Report, the Certifications will now show or hide based on whether that Location has access to the Certification. That means if you have a specific Certification for a Location like “ABC Ford,” then the users at Location “XYZ Honda” won’t be able to see it on their report.
  • On the Location Report Cards – we’ve added a new ‘export’ option for user results.
  • We’ve made some updates to the “Start Training” buttons in the Training Center. These updates are designed to be less specific to “training” and more universal (what you’re watching might not necessarily be “training”). The existing text and the changes are:
    • Start Training = Start
    • Resume Training = Resume
    • Restart Training = Restart
    • Testing = Resume
    • Resume Test = Resume
  • We’ve fixed a bug where if you idled on the manage users screen too long, your next click would refresh the page rather than go where you needed.
  • Report Card – exporting to a PDF was cutting off the report on the right margin, this has been fixed.
  • We’ve updated a link on the File Vault – when users needed to manage the files in the file vault they were previously directed to navigate to the Super User Dashboard – now they can simply click on the ‘Manage Files’ button to access that area.
  • Super User Dashboard, the link to the API docs on the 411 API feature has been fixed.
  • We fixed a typo in the Access Level description area that was input when creating a new system.
  • We’ve added a new Confirmation or Error message when trying to move a user from one Location to another.