October 22, 2020

What's New

Top Navigation Header Update! You now have easier access to the “Impersonate” feature – simply search for the user you’d like to impersonate (if you have access to them!) and then simply select them and you’ll be on your way. This update is visible to you as Super User B users only – so your end users will see no differences… Read more about the Impersonate search feature.

Impersonate Search Feature

Also new – we’ve added a new Super User B privilege that will allow you as a top admin to enter a ‘comma list’ of Course IDs in the 205 – Force Training Completion’ feature. This will allow you to select the Courses you wish to “Complete” for your Users more quickly, rather than picking them off one by one from the Course selection area.

Updates & Fixes
  • The User Info tab, found under Location settings, now holds additional information. We’ve added or updated:
    • A new section below “Standard” content roles for the “Premier” content roles.
    • The “Sort order” will now correctly sort the Roles by their Rank.
    • We’ll now display Content Roles that have zero users assigned, so you can see the full picture.
    • We now output “Total Active Users” on this tab
  • Bug fix – we fixed an issue related to the Chapter option of “fast forward after user completion” that was not working as expected in some cases.