October 11, 2017

What’s New

  • Your data security is a top priority for us. This is why we’ve been actively planning and executing a phased approach for moving the application to an SSL-certified environment (ahead of the industry standard deadline). With the first phase now successfully completed, all users will seamlessly switch to a secure server (HTTPS) when accessing My Profile, Manage Users, and Location Settings. Two additional phases are required to relocate the complete application, but we expect smooth sailing from here on out.

What’s Fixed

  • Courseware Management – We have removed the “Where you left off” logic – so if you edit a chapter, leave and then come back, it should now always place you back at the top of the settings rather than wherever you were when you closed the window.
  • Super User Dashboard – 201 – Manage All Users – We’ve made a small update so you can now paste (Ctrl-V or Command-V) an ID into the user ID field. Previously this field was locked down to prevent that.
  • Location Settings – Billing tab – Super User B users that have privilege ID 13 now have access to add their own billing comments and contracts, as well as view previous comments and contracts.
  • In the Media Library we’ve fixed various filename errors and added new error checking to the process.
  • When adding a new user to any Watchdog, the team selection was automatically set to “select a team” – we changed this to default to “all teams” to make it easier to add users.
  • We’ve completely updated the Password Reset screen. If you’re attempting to login and your account has been flagged for a password reset, you will now have to prove your identity by taking a picture of yourself with a cat – any cat will do – and sending it to [email protected]. (j/k… but no really, he loves cats, so just send some).
The following changes affect Version 6 systems only:
  • When clicking on the magnifying glass in the top header to perform a search, you can now hit the Enter key to perform the search. Previously you had to click on the magnifying glass a second time.
  • We’ve cleaned up the styling a little bit in the Footer.
  • If your browser size went below 900px wide, the Training Center category tiles would appear too damn big – this has been fixed.
  • In the Search and Favorites areas, Category and Courses were seeing some issues when clicked on – these have been fixed.
  • Extensive work has been done for mobile devices – too many updates to list – just try it!

And coming later this week…

  • For Version 6 users, the Top Navigation (header bar) has been streamlined, providing greater flexibility and ease of use. For users on large screen devices, you’ll notice a little helper we’ve added – just hover your mouse over the more icon and take a “peak”.