November 19, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!


Multi-Container Course Adder – Have you ever found yourself wanting to add content to more than one container at a time? Us too! This new tool is just for you – it saves time, money, rupees – check it out!


  • Report Optimizations – Bigger. Stronger. Faster!
    Reports Optimizations - Bigger. Stronger. Faster!

    • 304 Reports: We’ve refactored the data query for greater speed and performance.
    • 306 Report:
      • Now you can show report as % of Total Users with Completed Certifications or % of Total Chapters Completed per Certification.
      • Select to show or exclude Zero Progress in Location details.
      • Plus many bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • User Management [201] – Check it out – we added a new "exit url" field to the top header area – now you can quickly see which sign in page a user may be using and provide them better support; such as resetting their password!
  • Content Containers – Content Roles – you can now sort by "active" content – this will put all content added to a particular content role at the top – this is amazing, and beautiful, just like you.


  • Usage Report – filtering by team – some team names were being cut off due to being too long – we've made the field much bigger now, bigger than a 747 doing a barrel roll – check it out.
  • Interactive Video Composer – fixed an rare issue where occasionally opening a large draft project would result in a blank screen.
  • Adding a PDF file to user comments or location comments that contained an "@" symbol was causing some issues – this has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu Activity Tracker was not collapsing.