November 18, 2019

New Interactive Video Composer (IVC) Updates!

We’ve made some powerful new updates to the Interactive Video Composer that allow you to leverage interactivity in a whole new way. With this update, you can now choose how you want to “end” a segment; Pause for interactivity, Loop to a specific portion of the video, (auto) Redirect to a new segment or URL, or simply End the video to set completion.

Take a look at the demo below for how these all come together to really help you enhance your training experiences.

Additionally, we’ve made some quality of life improvements to help your workflow:

  • Better “widescreen” support for desktop users.
  • The control bar on the Preview Video has been pushed below the container, allowing you more flexibility with drawing buttons and scrubbing the timeline.
  • You can now optionally choose to “End Video” as a button response or when Redirecting to a Custom URL.