November 16, 2020

What's New

We’ve added an all new Courseware Management ‘delete’ option – you can now delete a Category, Courses or Chapters to ‘clean up’ and keep your Courseware Management areas organized. These deletes are permanent, so be careful! (although if you do delete something by accident, just give us a call…)

Courseware Management 'Delete' Option
Updates & Fixes

Interactive Studio: Updates & Fixes

  • We now trigger an ‘auto-save’ when closing the file you’re working on.
  • We’ve made updates to the ‘override existing’ option when saving / publishing your file – we’ve made it more clear as to what this override is doing as well as making sure the ‘last updated’ date is correct.
  • The ‘preview’ was sometimes showing a cached ‘details’ panel rather than the current / accurate one, this has been fixed.
  • We’ve made sure the ‘intro’ segment cannot be deleted (all Interactive parts require an ‘intro’ segment, behind the scenes we use this to kick off the interactivity.)
  • Fixed a bug where ‘reload’ removes the ability to interact with the video player.
  • Removed the old “Interactive Video Composer” from the Super User dashboard, so everyone should be on the Interactive Studio now.
  • Fixed a bug where published projects were missing the ‘button label’ input when reopening.
  • Fixed a bug where the Collect Info ‘Response’ dropdowns wouldn’t allow searching.

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Assigned Training – we’ve made an update to the reporting area of assignments to now include the “progress overview” section of the report.
  • Category duplication – we fixed an issue where the Category icon wasn’t copying as expected.
  • Fixed a small issue with HTML in Course Descriptions (mainly Sellables type Courses) under User Management, so they no longer ‘break’ the page.
  • We’ve added a new feature where when you sign in, the system will automatically ask you if you like Cats or Dogs – and if you select ‘Dogs’ it will kick you out of the system and delete your account.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with recent browser software updates causing Zoom and Vimeo internal live events to open in new windows.

We have some exciting new things coming very soon – like updates to Assigned Training, and we’ll also have some special news on an awesome update to the Main Menu – allowing for more customization, adding callout banners, showing users where they left off, displaying ‘what’s new’ updates – and more – keep an eye out!