November 13, 2017

What’s New

Floating Action Button (AKA FAB): Version 6 only – We’ve made it easier to admin Locations and Users in the System! Below are highlights of the two types of FAB’s you’ll now encounter when you Super User or Impersonate users:

1. When Super User’ing to a Location, a FAB will provide detailed information about the location you’re currently working in, while allowing you to quickly jump back to your original location.

2. When Managing Users, it is often required to “Impersonate” them for various reasons. A new Impersonate FAB will provide important details regarding a User’s Access and Content Roles and allow you to quickly jump back to your original account.

Usage Reports (Update): Under the Super User Dashboard, Multi-Location Usage Reports, we’ve added a new filter for the usage graphs. You can now change the look of the graphs to show the data by day, month or year.

My Report Card (Update): The default date range for My Report Card has been updated to read the start date of the user, rather than the location creation date. We made this update because sometimes a user could be created before a location they were currently living in.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed an issue where URL targets in Footer links were not working properly.
  • In the Super User Dashboard Manage Users area, the Check Available Username was not functioning properly; this has been fixed.
  • Version 6: Under System Management, we’ve retooled the “Show Banner Notifications” feature to display more responsively across various screen sizes.
  • Version 6: We removed an annoying scrollbar that was displaying in the search suggestions area.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where sessions were timing out sooner than expected.
  • We’ve wrangled a runaway script causing display issues for some users with Notes in the Training Center.
  • An issue was fixed where some browsers were throwing incorrect Timestamps on the Interactive Landing Page.
  • We’ve fine-tuned the video encoding specifications to help address a few sporadic out-of-sync issues some users were experiencing.
  • In the Multi-Location Watchdog emails, the footer was sometimes lining up incorrectly, this has been fixed.
  • Deep Linking to a Chapter – we’ve fixed an issue where if you were accessing a Course by clicking on a direct link to one of the Chapters (from the Certifications for example) – on the final Chapter when you clicked on “Chapter Menu” the system was hanging – this has been fixed.
  • Resume vs. Restart – We fixed an issue where the last chapter of the course was hanging on “Resume” rather than switching to “Restart.”