May 8, 2020

Updates & Fixes

  • One-Time Passcode: this recent update received a few quality of life updates to the user experience and SMS formatting. On mobile? Stay in the app and it automatically grabs the passcode from the incoming text!
  • Location Content Report: “Team” was not correctly showing up on one of the reports – this has been fixed.
  • Team Management: Team Management will now correctly filter based on selecting “active” or “inactive” teams. When the “active” filter is selected you’ll no longer be able to view “inactive” teams when editing team member lists.
  • Interactive Video Composer: We’ve added “Cache” busting – When you make an update to an existing Interactive Chapter file in the IVC, we recently made a change so you could update the file without needing to replace it in each Chapter it currently existed in. Today’s update will now allow you to see the changes you’ve made immediately. Previously the changes were “cached” on our file server and took 10-20 minutes to be seen.
  • Stripe Billing Profile: With today’s update “cancelled” subscriptions are now viewable in the Billing Tab of the My Profile area. This will allow users to see what products they have cancelled through Stripe. In a future phase, we will be added the ability to manage cancelled subscriptions and allow them to re-subscribe.
  • Leaderboard: We have removed the “Requirements” text that is seen on Achievement explanation pages – this was because we noticed the description of the Achievement was redundant with the requirement, so we found it was no longer needed.
  • Private Label Manager:
    • Fixed a small issue where switching accounts was not correctly switching the Media Library.
    • Fixed an issue where selecting a file from the Media Library for the Carousel Panel, it prevented you from selecting another file on the next panel.
  • Interactive Landing Pages: Reporting issue – When the “force-email” option was on and the user didn’t continue, there was a bug that still counted this as a “play” because autoplay was also turned on. These instances have now been omitted from the official view count and we will now track “Abandoned Users” in a separate report.