May 31, 2019

Super User Dashboard:
New Account & Training Insights Data

We’ve added some new statistical data to your Super User Dashboard. You can now see at a glance how many active locations and users you have, as well as how much content is available.

You can also quickly see – over the last 30 days – how many Chapters your Users have Passed, are In-Progress, or have Failed.

Super User Dashboard - Widgets

You can also quickly see – over the last 30 days – how many Chapters your Users have completed, are in-progress, or have failed.

Updates and Fixes

  • Forced Training Completion – We’ve made an update to this tool so that you can now specify an individual Chapter to complete for the user – rather than the entire Course. This tool comes in handy if you ever need to quickly “complete” some training for a user that should have received credit.
  • 401 – Content Report – We’ve added a new optional Location selection filter to this report. This report can be used to see what your most popular Chapters are at any given time – and because this shows the number of Passes and Fails for each Chapter, it’s also very useful to determine if your Users might be having a hard time completing your content.
Content Report - Updates
  • The Google Translate feature found in the footer will now work in the Training Center – at the Course and Chapter level – to translate Chapter names and test questions. Note: This is a machine translation – if you require a more targeted localization please give us a call!
  • For you Courseware Administrators, we’ve added a quick link to ‘edit’ root Categories directly from the Training Center. Previously this was only available on Courses. Clicking the ‘pencil’ will take you directly to Courseware Management to edit the Category.
  • We fixed an issue in the Training Center where using the ‘back’ button when viewing a Category was sometimes causing it to loop around itself and not actually take you ‘back’.