May 10, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!

What’s New

  • My Notes: We've made an update to the My Notes section where we now stamp each Note entry with a date and a time. Now, when you open My Notes, you will see your most recent Notes listed at the top. You can also now search by a date range.

Search My Notes

  • Private Label Management: There is a new "View by Theme" option found in the Private Label Management area – this will allow you to see all themes in a list view for easier management.

Private Label Management: View by Theme

Fixed / Updated

  • Courseware Management: We fixed an issue with "Test Only" chapter types – if the default navigation buttons were hidden, users were getting stuck if they failed a test.
  • Interactive Video Studio / JSON Editor – a few updates:
    • When clicking on existing X/Y coordinate for hot spots, we are now correctly showing where that existing hotspot is located in the preview.
    • Autosaving! Now if you navigate away from the page, when you return to the page your most recent progress will be saved.
  • User Management: The Recent Actions log has been updated to only record Content Role changes when an actual change occurs, rather than displaying the full list of their Roles on every change to their profile.
  • Location Creation: We fixed a small issue where when you entered the gross setup/license fees and you entered a comma with the amount it was throwing an error. Commas are now allowed!