March 8, 2019

Sign In Page: We’ve made several updates to Sign In Page Management,
here are just a few:

  • The default message “Forget Password” has been updated to “Forgot Password”.
  • Added a tooltip to the Logo section with recommended image sizes for optimal display.
  • Added a transparent background to the Logo, in case you are looking at a white on white image.
  • Front Door Link has been moved below the Logo to provide better clarity of use.
  • When adding a custom Sign In Page Background, it was stretching too far off the screen, so we fixed that.
  • The Custom CSS section has been opened up for all users.
Release Notes: March 8, 2019
  • Access Level Management: Adding a comma to the Access Level name was causing an issue, this has been fixed.
  • Create New Location: Fixed an issue where creating a new location using a different language was not working as expected.
  • LightPad: We’ve made a small fix to the LightPad editor to allow hyperlinks to show up correctly as links when emailed.
  • Interactive Video Composer: The Question and Answer fields are now a required field, this will provide better tracking and reporting.
  • Interactive Landing Pages: Fixed an issue where some interactive data was not being tracked properly.
  • My Profile: Fixed an error with formatting Canadian phone numbers.