March 29, 2021

What's New

New! Password Reset Page

In an effort to update the entire process of retrieving and updating lost passwords, we’ve started with the actual reset password page.

The process will remain the same – if a User needs to retrieve their password, they will use the “Forgot Password” link from your Sign in Page. Once they enter their email, they’ll receive an email from LightSpeed with a link inside that will send them here, to the new Password Reset page – which is now branded with your own System logo and colors:

Reset Password Page

Please Note: As an added measure of safety, all Password Reset links will expire after 24 hours.

Updates & Fixes
  • Certification Report: Fixed an issue where searching for over ~2000 Locations was causing an error.
  • New Top Admin / Super User B privilege: We’ve added a new privilege that will allow you, as a top admin, to enable or disable the ability for your other Top Admin / Super User B users access to activate or deactivate other Top Admin / Super User B users.
  • Assigned Training
    • We fixed an intermittent issue on the report where the graph was not showing up when exporting to PDF.
    • Added the ability to remove a Course from the Course List after you’ve already selected them (before making the assignment).
    • Added the functionality where the order of the Courses will be assigned based on the order you select them.
  • Interactive Studio: Fixed an issue where sometimes the ‘actions’ were incorrectly rearranged during draft mode.
  • Zoom Live Events: We’ve made an update that will more easily allow you to preserve attendance to a Live Zoom Event, and convert that event into a standard course. This update affects the report card and other areas, giving users credit for attending even if you change the Course Type.
  • Notes Improvement: When saving/printing to a PDF, your Notes will now include the name of the Course, and not just the Chapters.
  • Leaderboard: We fixed several issues and we also added the ability to “hide” the leaderboard – so your Users can see their individual achievements without being ranked or compared to their fellow Users. This can be found under the leaderboard settings section.