March 23, 2020

Hello, here’s another quarantined update from the Development department!

We sent out an email last week to reassure everyone that we’re open for business as usual – our team is all working remotely and online ready to assist you with any needs, including the support department.

We want to assure you we’re still making progress on all things LSVT during this uncertain time and we hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Coming very quickly around the corner are some new features and enhancements that we will be rolling out that will be huge for making your VT System very “sticky” and keep users coming back frequently, a few to mention in short are:

  • Gamification (whole new feature on this)
  • LIVE Course types (support for Vimeo LIVE, Zoom, YouTube LIVE and more to come)
  • Enhanced Social Community

What’s New Today

  • Usage Reports: You can now filter trends by “Week” – previously it was Days, Months, Years.
  • Localization: Found under System Management – Language settings – Language settings are now available to all clients to add/update/modify yourselves – currently everyone has access to all languages we offer – if there is a language not on the list you’d like to have added please send us an email at [email protected]
  • Stripe Billing: Recently we introduced “direct to Stripe” as a billing service through LightSpeed VT – Now it’s tightly integrated where users can now see and manage their full “Billing Profile” under the My Profile section (similar to how Chargify is integrated).

Updated and Fixed

  • Interactive Video Composer:
    • Now when you make updates to an existing interactive chapter, it will automatically update all existing chapters. So that means you no longer have to make a change and then update it in Courseware Management – it will automatically update across all Chapters it is in.
    • You can now save drafts as different versions if you need it – for example, if you want to test something out with a different version you can now “save draft” and rename it – so you can have multiple versions.
    • You can now open any “legacy” (or, pre “IVC”) interactive chapters in the Interactive Video Composer – opening these and saving them will update them to the latest settings we have implemented.
  • Watchdogs – Certification Report: The trophy icon was not opening certifications as expected, this has been fixed.
  • 404 – Multi Location Usage Report: Fixed an issue when printing.