March 12, 2021

What's New

New Chapter Types!

We’re happy to announce 2 new Chapter types – making it easier for you to include documents and other additional information within your courseware.

Document Download

For the new Document Download Chapter type, you can add any “office” style documents for your Users to download – PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, etc, with a simple click and upload!

Simple Page

A Simple Page allows you to add any sort of text and/or simple HTML content that you’d like to include as part of your Courseware. You can create any customized page and content that you like!

Please Note: These new Chapter Types are not supported in the legacy Training Center. If you’d like to upgrade to the new Training Center, you can do so under System Management and then the System Feature Toggles.

Click here for more information on these updates!

Updates & Fixes
  • Assigned Training: We fixed an issue where completing the training on the day it is assigned was not reporting correctly
  • Leaderboard Updates
    • We’ve added some new achievements:
      • Length of Membership – this allows your Users to earn badges for being a part of the community for a specified length of time.
      • Complete Chapter(s) for Consecutive Days – this allows your Users to complete the same or multiple chapters in consecutive days to earn the achievement.
    • We’ve centralized achievements and added rollup stats to them.
  • Phone Call Simulator: We’ve added the ability to start the phone call “mid call” – this means you can focus on specific parts of the conversation. For example, how to set the appointment may be at the end of the call – so you can start there without the User needing to navigate the entire conversation first.
  • Message Center (Lightpad): We’ve added a new logging capability that will now track your outgoing “text” and “email” sent – previously we were only showing you what was sent via the Lightpad. This should help you to better track who you previously sent announcements to.
  • 401 – Content Report: Fixed an issue where the ‘in progress’ was returning incorrect results
  • 406 – Multi-Location Watchdog Report: We’ve made an update to allow Access Level 3 (Super User C / Multi-Location Admins) to have access to the report. They can now utilize this report to view Training Expectations over all of the Locations that they have access to.