November 18, 2016

Things that are new:

  • 303 – Content Report – As a result of a recent Database upgrade we’ve been able to greatly improve the speed of this report (and many others too). Where we used to see the report take over a minute to return results, we’re seeing that same data come back in mere seconds. This is a really useful report that will give you a nice overview of a System’s most popular content over any period of time. Check it out here!
  • Manage Users – Username Availability – We’ve added a new way to check whether a username is available immediately when manually creating them! Click here to see it in action!

Things that we improved:

  • Watchdogs: Training Expectation / Incentive – After receiving a bit of feedback over the last few weeks, we’ve made several updates to the tooltips and how some of the questions were phrased.
  • We’ve also added a brand-new section on Watchdogs to the Helpdocs. Click here to visit the Helpdocs, and click Here to take a look at the changes we’ve made.