November 11, 2016

Things that are new:

  • The VT2GO Native Mobile App now supports quiz questions! A new toggle has been added to the Chapter Management VT2GO section, which provide ADMINS the option to include test questions assigned to a chapter in VT2GO (or not). The current quiz question formats supported are: Multiple Choice, Fill In The Blank, Matching and Drag & Drop test questions. This is just the first phase, with many more improvements to come. Stay tuned!
  • Sign In Boxes: If you leverage Google Tag Manager, we’ve now added the ability to incorporate your tag within the new sign in boxes – to help you in a more granular way to track and analyze your traffic. You can find this option in the Sign In Box Admin area.
  • The Private Label “Theme” Admin Tool is now available for our clients to administer on their own! By providing you “Super User B” admin access, you will be able to modify your Private Label Theme elements, as well as create New Theme’s. You can simply “copy” an existing Theme so you are not starting from scratch or make new ones as you need. There are new instructions in the HELP DOCS to guide you with this new admin tool.  → Http://helpdocs.lightspeedvt.comAnd please always feel free to contact our Client Care team to assist at any time on any of these new ADMIN tools. → [email protected]

Things that we improved:

User Management Updates:

  • Recent Actions: Who is “C. Luis” and why are they editing my users?! Wonder no more! We’ve added a new “LSVT” indicator in the Recent Actions tab under User Management. This will appear next to any user that originates from the LSVT Support Team Admins and allow our customers and end-users to clearly identify to avoid any confusion.

Courseware Management Updates:

  • If you are a user that only has access to one content container, we have hidden the container selection section – this will help remove clutter from the screen and avoid confusion.
  • The Category menu now includes a link to the assigned courses within it, and also includes an “add new course” option. This helps with the workflow through the content management area.
  • Adding a test question will now keep you on the test settings tab to more quickly add additional questions, rather than moving you to the basic info tab after each one.

Things that we fixed:

  • Media Library: If you needed to update the asset you just uploaded (renaming or updating the description) an error would occur – this has been fixed.
  • API – Certification Webhooks: The Certification webhook was incorrectly sending its data early if users completed the courseware out of order.
  • Report Card: Individual user score history is back! If a user attempted a chapter more than once, scores were being recorded but you could not drill down into them to see which questions they were getting correct or incorrect – this has been fixed.