May 10, 2016

New Sign In Box

We will be migrating over to these new sign in box designs for our private labeled customers. Some of the new features include:

  • Updated and minimized design
  • Fully mobile friendly and responsive design
  • New security elements have been implemented to tighten down on any shenanigans
  • Deeper private label abilities with new imagery and “Theme-ing” tools
  • “Sign In” integration to popular Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google) – and this feature is able to be turned ON/OFF as desired.
  • For “backward compliance” – we can forward you prior Sign In Box URL, to this new one, in the case that you have links to it from other sites and such.


Here is a link to the LSVT Sign In Box:

File Vault Updates

The SUPER USER view of the File Vault got a facelift, with some updates that are intended to make it easier for our clients to manage their File Vault assets across multiple Locations.

  • Super Users will  now manage the File Vault from the Super User Dashboard. This is now the area where Admins will add/edit/manage their folders and files (note this is no longer accessed from directly in the “file vault”). This update follow the “methodology” that Super Users will manage things that are ‘multi-Location’ centric form the Super User Dashboard.
  • Super User can now search and filter the report by very specific criteria – system, location, file name, folder name.