March 29, 2016

VT2GO Update Version 1.2.3

Updates include:

  • Ability to “Share” content on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc.
  • Intuitive content navigation, (to save the end user some clicks). If single category, skip to courses view. If single course, skip to titles view.
  • HTML mark up can be used in content descriptions via the CMS.
  • Updated functionality to the Download Manager (new settings in the CMS for “unlimited” or “none”).
  • Misc. bug fixes.

New “Recent Actions” log on “User Management”

When a user’s profile is edited, now you can see the Date, Access Level, Team, whether they were made Active or Inactive, and who made the change. This will help your Admins track down any shenanigans.

Super User Report 204 – updated

Fixed a display glitch and exporting anomaly based on the filter settings. This is now exporting only what is shown – specifically when filtered by Content Role – for easier reporting and tracking.

New Super User Controls on the way

This month all of us leprechauns are still working away on a lot of the new ADMIN controls we will start rolling out in mid-April.

Reminder about older versions of Internet Explorer

As of April 1, 2016, LightSpeed VT is not including IE 8 and 9 in its QA testing for new and existing feature enhancements and updates (more info on that here).