June 27, 2017

Summer is clearly here! And with the heat bearing upon us, we’d like to send you some refreshing news. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes improving the platform and are eager to announce exciting new features today. So, let’s just get right to it…


Media Library

A major update to the Media Library has dropped, bringing one of the most requested features – Batch Uploading! Adding your media files couldn’t be more simple. Just drag & drop or select a folder of content to upload and walk away – we’ll handle the rest. There’s no more waiting. Once your files are received, they’ll begin encoding and we’ll send you a notification when they are finished and available for use. Additionally, the Media Library has taken on a whole new look – providing thumbnail previews for quick visual reference and supporting mobile responsiveness for on-the-go management.


This much welcomed new feature allows Learners to interact with Instructors and other Learners by posting comments and questions to a specific course. If activated, admins will receive email notifications when a new Discussion is posted. Some basic moderation has been implemented to check for profanity, but if you deem any content unsuitable for your location – as a Super User B – you can manually remove a discussion or reply. If you are interested in having Discussions turned on for your location, please contact Customer Support and we’ll happily assist.

Additionally, we wanted to highlight some really useful updates that have snuck their way in.

Interactive Video Reporting Results in the Content Reports

  • Interactive Reporting Results are now included for each correlating Chapter Part. on the “Content Report,” making this reporting much easier to get to and see clearly. You can now view an enhanced detailed summary of the Top Answers Received and a comprehensive breakout of all responses from each user

New Sign In Security Feature for Strict IT Dept. Needs

  • Lock User Accounts after x Invalid Login Attempts. As an admin, you can choose how many failed attempts a user can make before locking their account. Customer Support can easily unlock a user’s account under Manage Users.

Training Management

  • We’ve added a new tool that will allow you to instantly give any user 100% completion status for a particular course

My Profile

  • Modify your “Public” presence (for areas like Discussions) – Customize your profile name with a unique handle and select from a library of default profile images or upload your own (avatar).


  • File Vault: When a user tried to upload a file greater than the limit of 60mb, the system was not throwing the correct error message, this has been fixed.
  • Location Creation: Will no longer copy over “location notes” when creating new locations.