July 27, 2016

New update to “User Cap” for Licenses with Multiple Locations

Parent / Child Location Relationships: We have added a new billing “Location Type” that will allow us to create a relationship between multiple Locations – nicknamed a “Parent / Child” relationship. This provides the ability to enforce a “user cap” across multiple Locations so that the licensing can be more flexible.

New “Recommended Next Course”

If this feature is enabled, a slider will appear after the last Chapter of a Course that will automatically give the user a link to the next Course in that Category, as well as allow them to navigate to any other Courses in that Category. This saves them the “clicks” to go back to the main Training Center view to continue on to the next course.

A few improvements to existing items:

  • Media Library: a new Audio Only switch/filter has been added – now you can easily filter the media library by audio files.
  • 307 – Multi Location Content Report: We improved how the number of courses that can be selected at once to scale based on the number of users you have in your system. This will no longer limit you to a default max number of courses to select.
  • Course Activation: We’ve added a warning message that says “Are you sure?!” when you try to activate or deactivate all of the courses in a category. This was added based on feedback that it was a bit too easy to accidentally turn those off and on.