July 20, 2016

New update to the “Enrollment Feature”

You can now set your enrollment parameters for users to “Expire after “X” number of days upon user registration” – This new addition means you can create an enrollment that will expire the user after a specific set number of days, no matter when they use the link.

New update to the “Location Settings –> Course Activation”

Location Settings -> Course Activation interface got a facelift. This is now a graphical display of Courses that are ACTIVE or INACTIVE, per Location. It also allows you to “Click To Activate/Deactivate” right inline when you are looking at it. It also has enhanced sorting and export abilities.

Other small “Bug Fixes” are:

  • We’ve updated the Text Message reply that is auto-generated from our platform. Now it will offer instructions on how to receive HELP – or the recipient can opt to STOP any more incoming messages.
  • There was an issue with “Retrieve Password” that was fixed recently.
  • The Watchdog “User Tracker” report was inadvertently displaying a user as “inactive” a second time if you made any changes to their profile while they were inactive.