July 1, 2016

New Activity Logging

We have added a new “Recent Actions” section below Super User B privileges – Any changes made to a user’s Privileges will be tracked here now too. This is helpful as you add more ADMINS to your team, you can see who changed who! There are also new “Recent Actions” tabs on User and Location Management both – for the same reasons.

New “Numeric Labels” on the Super User Dashboard

We’ve added new labels to the Super User Dashboard to help more easily identify them. These now align with the descriptions and definitions in the Help Docs. Behind the scenes we’ve also added new unique identifiers to the Super User Dashboard URLs – this will help us with better google analytic tracking. The next steps in this area are to design a new and true “Dashboard” of usage and metrics to help our clients better manage their businesses and end users.

Some small stuff we fixed

  • 307 Report – We fixed a small issue where this report was displaying ALL users before the filters were applied, so it was presenting a misleading number.
  • 307 Report – Courses that have the toggle “hide from reports” set to “yes” were mistakenly showing up visible here.
  • 304 Report – When exporting the report, the “totals” column was incorrectly showing zero data.
  • A small issue sprung up rather quickly this last week, where a username and password that were identical were sometimes breaking upon login. This has been fixed.

Some small areas where we made some basic improvements

  • We’ve added two new “multi-select” options to the Usage report – you can now filter the report by more than one Team, or more than one Access Level.
  • The new Certification watchdog we introduced recently has had an update – you can now select more than 5 Certifications to receive – a limitation that was causing some end-users concern.

Ongoing Stuff

  • We are always making small tweaks to the “Courseware Management” admin tools. Please see the “Help Docs” if you have any questions on this (or anything else) or please feel free to call or email us at anytime too.
  • The Video Player is on a constant pace of updates.

What’s Next

  • New MAIN MENU interface – it will offer better “mobile responsive” abilities – and new large cinematic “Panels” and video abilities and new ADMIN Tools.
  • The “Private Label Themer” is almost ready to add to the “Client Admin Tools.”
  • New ESP Tool (interactive landing page feature) is getting close.
  • New “visualization” of the “What the heck is on at this Location?” tool and report.