January 2016

A new “release notes” blog.

Hey – it’s 2016 and we are finally putting out public facing versions of “Release Notes.” We have had, and do have, a lot of development updates going on, and past measures of email lists, tweets and other spotty means of sending out info has been inconsistent at best, so we are getting our “blog” ducks in a row and now have a full “release notes” blog that we will use moving forward to announce and document new feature releases, existing feature enhancements and bug fixes.

What the heck just happened!

We had a lot of things we enhanced and rolled out recently; a lot of them were internal infrastructure and under the hood enhancements in Q4 of 2015, but here is a short recap a few things worth a mention that are fairly new.

  • All new MAIN MENU face-lift with lots of new bells and whistles.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.37.20 PM

  • We also enhanced the “Private Label” ability to be able to be leveraged within your main “System” – meaning you can now give each Location customer, a full custom “private labeled” option if desired… We took the “theme-r” ability to a whole new level. While most other private label solutions allow for such minimal branding (like a logo on the top left and some color choices) we have the ability for a full image and video rich end user experience that can be “private labeled’ as desired. Some of these things include: full interface branding, custom art and backgrounds, “role-based” Main Menu messages and call outs, and branded outbound email messages – to name a few.

  • Enhanced reporting in the Super User Dashboard – this will be an ongoing work in progress, but we did add a new clickable  “graphical” view to the “304 – Multi Location Usage Report” (shown below) and we also added a new sorting, filtering and export tool to the the “204 – Search and Export Users” that gives you a thorough view of exactly “WHO IS WHO” in your System.
    Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.37.37 PM

  • Webhooks! (Webhooks are an industry standard way for one web application to provide other applications with real-time information)
    We have added the ability for LSVT to send any other Web App real time data. We have a few “hooks” that we started with, and will be adding more as time goes on. Here is a link you can visit that links directly to the “Webhook” section of our API Documentation.

  • A New Mobile App – our native mobile app, called “VT2GO” is out in a Version 1 release. It is a great “window” in to the we app version – this Phase 1 (Version 1) is intended to really leverage “offline playback” of video and audio content, and it allows you to provision content to individual users, just as you can with regular Courses in the web application. The VT2GO app is a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once downloaded and launched, users can sign in with their regular login credentials. In other words, only ACTIVE  usernames will be able to successfully sign in to the Mobile App and utilize its unique features. Visit the VT2GO site linked below for more information. http://www.vt2go.com

What’s Next

Our initiative for Q1 of 2016 is to make our customers more capable, and thus more successful. We have so many great feature sets that our in house team has tools and abilities to configure and we are hard at work making versions of these so that we can turn them over to our customers. Some of the things were are planning for an end of Q1 soft launch are:

  • Ability to Manage Courseware/content (create and manage categories, courses and chapters). There will be an interface to add standard video parts, chapter tests, etc.
  • Ability to “Create New Locations” in real time.
  • Use new “impersonate” feature (select any one of your users, and “impersonate” them to sign in and see exactly what they see.
  • Move users from one Location to another as needed.
  • Turn Location On/Off for renewals and such, and increase user caps.
  • Manage Certifications.
  • Manage the Email Unsubscribe list – if your users click “unsubscribe” then contact you and want to receive the emails again.
  • Manage most of the top level “System Settings” such as; administrate all of the top level “on/off” toggles for feature sets, administrate the auto-email settings (body copy, etc.) – to name a few.
  • Manage the “Private Label Theme” settings.