January 19, 2017

Things that are new:

  • We have implemented a new requested feature called “Ghost Users” which will hide users at a location so that they no longer count against the Max # of Users limit. This will be really useful for clients that bill “per location” yet need to implement a “user limit” but not affect ADMINS at that Location. As an example, say you require “20 regular users and 1 admin” for a new location, but you do not want the admin to be counted toward the user limit – this new feature will help with that.
  • Ghost Users are only available at locations where the Accounting Format is set to “By Location – Application Model (Flat Fee)” OR “By Location – Generation Model (Rev Share).”
  • Access to this feature is controlled by Super User B privilege. Granting a SUB access to this will allow them to activate Ghost Users under Location Settings. From there, they will simply pick which access level should be a ghost user. If you need any assistance implementing this for your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Client Care Dept.

Things that we improved and/or fixed:

  • Non-flash users intermittently were not seeing the graphs and charts on the usage reports – this has been globally resolved.
  • “My Notes” was not saving unicode/special characters, so users were not able to keep notes in their native language. ハッピーホリデー! = FIXED.
  • After editing a user, we were seeing a double confirmation message that your changes were saved, this was a minor annoyance, but has been fixed.
  • For “Generation” clients, there was a bug in the “Location Settings –> Billing Tab”  where we were seeing an error being thrown if a Super User B tried to enable “auto-expire” without entering a grace period end date – this has been fixed.
  • For ADMINS that are Managing their own content via the Content Containers – the Content Role Ranking fields have been updated to be an open field rather than a drop-down selection – this will make it easier to set the display ranks as desired.
  • In the Super User Dashboard – Report ID “204 – Search and Manage Users” – we’ve added a new “Start Date” filter. When you run the report, you can now filter the report by users whose start date falls within a selected range. For example, if you want to look up data on only users who started in December, you can filter the report by 12/1/16 to 12/31/16 and pull the data. (And we’ve fixed the cookie crumb in the Super User Dashboard!)
  • Access Level 5 (Manager B) can no longer view reports for users that are higher access level than themselves on the Watchdog reports (the scheduled reports will still return the full data).
  • On the Super User Dashboard “304 – Usage Report” – filtering the legacy report by a location name was causing the report to error, this has been fixed.
  • In “Manage Users” where you were able to create a user with a hidden/special character in the email address or user name, which would not allow you to update the user after it was created. The System will now also correctly shoot you a warning message if you try to update the username to one that is already taken.
  • A bug with filtering the report card by date has been resolved: When you selected a date range to filter the report, and then drilled down into the content itself, the date was resetting back to a default.


It has been over a month since the last post to the Release Notes – we have been working on a longer term development update for a completely new “LightSpeed VT – Version 6.0” to be released as soon a it is ready. This will be a major release announcement we anticipate in the next month.