February 4, 2016

Watch Dogs – cosmetic updates

Watchdog cosmetic updates: Everyone needs a makeover from time to time, right? We’ve updated the Watchdog reports to be more consistent, and for the actual DATE RANGE to STAND OUT! We made this update to help our users with visibility as to what data they’re actually receiving.


Watchdogs: User Tracker! We’ve updated this to add: created by, activated by, deactivated by, and teams – this extra information will help those who use the report receive even more detailed information!


What’s Next

In the last post (Jan 2016), I mentioned that our goal in 2016 is to make our customers more capable, and thus more successful – and all of those updates that I mentioned in the last blog post are well under way – I’ll post more and more information once those get closer to completion. In some other updates that are worth mentioning that we will have out in the shorter term (the next few weeks) are:

  • User Account Switching – this will be a toggle we can enable at the “System” level, and will allow you to instantly switch between accounts if you have multiple usernames, without having to sign out and back in again (this is really handy for ADMIN users). What will tie them together is your email address, so if you have the same email address on multiple accounts, you can switch between them seamlessly.
  • Auto Sign In – when this is enabled for a “System” – the Sign In Box will have a new cookie set, and if you leave and come back another day, we will automatically sign you in. This will make it easier for your users that frequently use it, to get signed back in instantly, without having to re-enter their credentials (assuming they are on the same computer/device). Keep in mind, this will be a “System” level toggle, so if you have users that share computers, this can stay toggled off for security reasons.
  • Sign in via Social Media Accounts – (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google). This will be a toggle as some Systems will not want this, but for those that do – it is a really nice way to make it easier for your users to sign in.