February 15, 2016

New Admin Controls – Location Creation, etc.

We have some new ADMIN controls where now YOU can; Create Locations, Turn ON/OFF Existing Locations, update your User Cap as needed – and also move users around from one Location to another. Contact our “Client Care” dept. today and we’ll enable your privilege for desired usernames and walk you through it!
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 702-369-4260

Account Switching

When this is enabled on a “System” it will have give the user the ability to easily switch between any of their accounts where their email address is the same, without having to exit and sign back in again. Once a user is signed in, they can select their “name/profile” out of the top right nav bar, and a list of their “Multiple Accounts” will drop down, showing both their Username, and the Location Name, so it is easy to see which username is where, and immediately jump to each account. You can contact our “Client Care” dept. if you want to look in to enabling this for your private Labeled “System.”

Branded Checkout Pages

The Content Management System for “Checkout Pages” via “Chargify” has been updated to allow the content team to have more control over design elements, header and footer imagery, colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. ­ and that team will now be able to design and theme these checkout pages to closely match each product brand.

New “Keep-Alive”

We implemented a new “keep alive” that makes a frequent server side call to keep a user’s active session open. What this means is that as long as the browser window is open, they will remain signed in, vs. expiring their session after six hours, or any period of time (watching a long video, leave their screen up overnight, etc.). This should solve a few challenges users have when they pause the content for long periods of time, and things like that. This one is seemingly minor but worth a mention.

Automatic “Sign-Back-In”

When a user has signed in, and then they are done doing their daily training and they close their window, or go to other sites; when they return to the Sign In box, it will automatically sign them in, without having to click, or enter their username and password again. This will make it easier for them to come back each day if they are on the same device, as that cookie will be set. NOTE ­ If they have multiple accounts, it will resume the most recent sign in, or, if they click “Sign Out” this will be treated as a full sign out and will not “Auto Sign In” on their next visit. This will be a setting we can Toggle ON/OFF per “System” as it may not be desirable at a car dealership or a business where users share computers. You can contact our “Client Care” dept. if you want to look in to enabling this for your Private Labeled “System.”

VT2GO Update Version 1.2.1

Update to both iOS and Android – Improved multiple account switching navigation and Bug fixes.

What’s Next

In an early Q1 post (Jan 2016), I mentioned that our goal in 2016 is to make our customers more capable, and thus more successful – and all of those updates that I mentioned in the last blog post are well under way – I’ll post more and more information once those get closer to completion. In some other updates that are worth mentioning that we will have out in the shorter term (the next few weeks) are:

  • Sign in via Social Media Accounts – (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google). This will be a toggle as some Systems will not want this, but for those that do – it is a really nice way to make it easier for your users to sign in.
  • Updates to the “File Vault” feature that will help usability and file organization.