August 23, 2016

API Enhancement

We have added two new events to the Web hook triggers, which are:

  • Certification Completion – This can be used send a message to another web application when a “Certification” is complete – which is a pre-defined list of Courses. This will be extremely helpful for the clients who use LightSpeed VT for compliance training, and rely on those user completion results.
  • Question Answered – Wouldn’t it be nice to know who answered yes to the old question: “Do you think it’s okay to bring a gun to work?” This Web hook will allow you to send these individual answers anywhere you want to.

You can read up more on these items here, on the API DOCS:

Other NEW random things:

  • Media library: When uploading and encoding a video file, we also automatically grab a still image from the video to output into the Media Library. This snapshot used to be at the halfway point of the video – now it will take the image 2 seconds after the start of the video.
  • An IE11 bug was resolved with audio continuing to play after you left a chapter.
  • On Mass User Imports – if the email is opted to be sent, we now show the user their password, making it easier to enroll many users all at once.
  • If your message delivery options were OFF, and your cell phone was a requirement, users were receiving an error when trying to update their profile.

A few updates to the reporting

  • 102 – Search & Manage Locations: We’ve added City, State and Country as options to include in the output! This is helpful to target your client Locations by where they are located.
  • 303 – Content Report: We now include an output of each chapter’s average rating (up until now only found when viewing a chapter in the Training Center).
  • Watchdog – “User Tracker:” We added ‘total active users’ to the output. Now you can see who was activated, deactivated, and the total number of users for the time period you have selected.
  • 401.2 – Access Level Management: We added the System ID to the drop-down System selector for easier searching (not really “Reporting” I guess… but a nice item in this Admin area).

VT2GO Native Mobile App Update: Version 1.3..

.. these updates are for iOS only

  • We now show the chapter name on the phone lock screen.
  • You can now play/pause from the phone lock screen.
  • The Course description field now supports HTML code.
  • “Pulling” the screen down on the Accounts screen will now refresh it. (you will no longer need to close the app and restart it if you add a new account to it.)