August 2, 2016

New – Zapier Integrations

You can now use Zapier to have LightSpeed VT talk (integrate) with any other application that is available in the Zapier “App Directory” – here is their link for a list of those applications:

Here is how it works – LSVT can send the following “Zaps” that are real time triggers:

  • Create User
  • Update User
  • Course Completion
  • Chapter Completion

This opens the doors to do a lot of things with other web applications, CRMs, etc. Here is an example of a Zapier Integration you can do:

Let’s say you use HubSpot as your CRM. You can use a “zap” to have LSVT send HubSpot all user creation data – and then you can use that data to run email campaigns, track customer interactions, and more. You can also have LSVT “Update” HubSpot every time a user’s profile changes – for example, when they “upgrade” to something else, update their job title, change their phone number, and so on.

Other NEW things:

  • Location Settings / Course Activation – You can now export all location courseware data to xls, pdf, or csv. Navigate to Quick Links → Location Settings → Course Activation to check it out.
  • The “Impersonate” feature will now log activity under Recent Actions of the user you are impersonating (this is to catch some sneaky folks who are abusing this feature).
  • The “Impersonate” feature now has a Super User B Privilege to prevent someone from Impersonating that user.
  • Courseware Management – You now have the option to hide the title of a Category when viewed in the Training Center (this was a popular request in the main “Training Center” view.
  • As of today, we are now enforcing a restriction where by LSVT is not accessible via a frame set of any kind. Please see this article for additional details.

A few things we “fixed.”

  • The “Next Course” training center logic was improved to better support courses that were nested under multiple linked categories.
  • There was a session bug where if you navigated from the Reporting server back to the Live server and logged out, sometimes you would not be able to log back in without clearing your cache.
  • The certification watchdog was sending too many emails! This has been fixed.

We have a plethora of Watchdog improvements:

  • You can now select up to 10 recipients to receive the reports (up from 5)
  • You can now select any hour of the day to receive scheduled reports (previously the only choice was 9am or 9pm)
  • On the Training Expectations report – the maximum number of expected chapters to be completed has been increased to 50. (up from 20)

… Also – a small update was made to the legacy 304 “grid view” report to make it easier to see the full result set.