April 17, 2017

You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet on release notes lately, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy improving the backend to enhance your overall experience. We’ve got some really exciting features in the works and look forward to getting those in your hands, as soon as possible, in the coming weeks. In the meantime though, if you haven’t already noticed a few changes, we wanted to share some really useful updates and bug fixes that recently rolled out.


My Usage Reports

  • Completion Percentage’s are now prominently displayed to provide you an at-a-glance overview of pass/fail completion for all users.
  • Quickly drill-down reports by Locations and/or Teams


  • For admins with access to the Themer, you can now easily duplicate location themes across systems

System Settings

  • Now you may chose to Skip the Main Menu and direct your users immediately to the Training Center.

Location Settings

  • Super User B’s can now view all “Recent Activity” to monitor changes made to a specific location and by which user.
  • Easily move a Location from one System to another.
  • A Locations’ Time Zone is now included to more easily manage and automate.


  • Admins can quickly Show/Hide Certifications based on Location
  • When managing Certifications, Courses can be selected from a drop-down menu – you no longer need to enter Course ID’s manually!
  • Certification Reports now allow you to Filter by Status; Complete, In-Progress and/or Not Started

Manage Users

  • Prefer to use an Email Address as your login Username? A System-wide toggle, located under System Management, now allows you to reduce the number of fields needed when creating new users.


  • A new parameter has been added to User Creation for “PromoCode” – webhooks can now be triggered by Chargify to show if a user has enrolled with a coupon. Read more about it here!


  • You can now select multiple teams per person to receive watchdog reports on. Previously you could only select 1 team at a time.
  • In a recent update we added a new statistic called “completion percentage” to the Usage reports. We’ve now added that percentage to the Watchdog Progress Report.


  • Customize the Main Menu Carousel Panels in the Themer (Admin access required)
  • The latest and greatest LSVT Video Player has been included within the APB’s
  • System-wide Reporting features have received various performance and ease-of-use improvements
  • New User Creation fixes an issues with setting a default language
  • The Next Course Slider received a major overhaul to dynamically update a list of next available courses based on the current chapter a user is in. This applies to all content types: Course Linking, Forced Learning Path, Role Switching, etc… Additionally, slides now show a progress bar if the next courses are in progress or have been completed.