Zapier Overview

Zapier is a web based tool allowing you to connect multiple apps that would otherwise never be able to communicate together. Zapier acts as a “middle-man” by receiving data from one app and by sending it to another app.

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You can now use Zapier to have LightSpeed VT talk (integrate) with any other application that is available in the Zapier App Directory.

This opens the doors to do a lot of things with other web applications, CRMs, etc. 

Here is an example of a Zapier Integration you can do:
You use HubSpot as your CRM. You can use a “zap” to have LSVT send HubSpot all user creation data – and then you can use that data to run email campaigns, track customer interactions, and more. You can also have LSVT “Update” HubSpot every time a user’s profile changes – for example, when they “upgrade” to something else, update their job title, change their phone number, and so on.

You have the options to use our custom native Zapier apps for seamless integration with Zapier or use a combination of LSVT webhooks and other parties apps. Our events are available both as a trigger or as an action.

Native Apps

Trigger Events

For trigger events, Send Webhooks must be checked into your API Integration management screen, under Webhooks configurations.

Action Events

Get Started

Click Here to get access to start using it today! Once you click the button on the linked page below, the LightSpeed VT Zaps will be available in your Zapier account.

Zapier: LightSpeed VT Integration
Updated on October 20, 2021
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