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The Training Center – New Update

This article covers the brand new Training Center updates. Below we’ll compare and contrast the major differences that were changed over the previous version.

The New Training Center

New Features & Highlights:

Mobile Friendly

The new design was made to greatly enhance the experience for mobile users – and the layout will also adjust automatically to all browser and resolution sizes for desktop users.

Header / Hero Area 

Prominently displays Course name and Completion progress, the background is created using the Course Icon.

New “In-Line” Editing Capabilities

Forgot to add a Course Description? Simply click on the edit box and add it! Need to edit a Chapter? Click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to the Chapter to zip right to it. Need to add a new one? Click on “Add Chapter” at the bottom!

Now you can easily search for a Chapter if there are too many to choose from – and select from Completed, In Progress, or Not Started

Videos Begin in “Full Screen” (or Theater) Mode

Videos will now begin full screen – fit to the size of your browser. You are training after all, this should be your main focus!

New Chapter “Slider” Menus

Easily access additional Chapters, Notes and Discussions without leaving the Chapter – simply click on each one to “slide” it open as you can see from the screenshots below.


We also made several “behind the scenes” updates to this area of the platform – which will allow us to add new and exciting updates in the future much easier. Please contact support@lightspeedvt.com if you have any questions.