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The Training Center

This article covers the latest version of the Training Center – How to activate it (if you are on a previous version) – the latest features, and some frequently asked questions!

First of all – how to activate it:

  1. Navigate to 101 – System Management
  2. Select the “System Feature Toggles” option and then set the “Enable New Training Center” option to “Yes


If for some reason you’d like to only use the new Training Center in a specific Themes, you can do that to by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Private Label Manager
  2. Select the Theme you’d like to edit, and then select “Theme Settings” at the top
  3. And then under “Enable New Training Center” – you can choose to use System Settings (which is what you enabled in the step above) – or you can enable it just for this Theme, or turn it off for just this theme
Enable New Training Center
The New Training Center

Features & Highlights:

Mobile Friendly

The latest design was made to greatly enhance the experience for phone users – and the layout will also adjust automatically to all browser and resolution sizes for desktop and tablet users.

Header / Hero Area

When a User first accesses the Training Center, greet them with a video and / or welcome message displayed prominently across the top of the screen.

Then, after you’ve begun training, we’ll replace that welcome message with “Pick up where you left off…” – easy access to the Course and Chapter where you last trained so you can resume your progress.

New “In-Line” Editing Capabilities

For Admins, we’ve added a few ways to edit your Course right from the Training Center. Forgot to add a Course Description? Simply click on the edit box and add it! Need to edit a Chapter? Click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to the Chapter to zip right to Courseware Management to edit it. Need to add a new Chapter? Click on “Add Chapter” at the bottom!


Once you’ve selected a Course, you can navigate to where you left off and continue training, or you can utilize the filter bar to easily search for a specific Chapter. You can even filter the Course by Chapters that you have Completed, are in Progress, or haven’t started.

Note: Chapters display “states” or statues on the button. When running reports, there are three possible states a Chapter could be in. “Not started”, “Complete”, or “In Progress”.

When viewed in the Training Center, those states are shown on the Chapters as “Start”, “Restart”, or “Resume”.

If you Complete a Chapter, the button will rename itself to “Restart” – if you select that and then leave, it will rename itself to “Resume”.

Chapter Types

There are several different Course and Chapter Types.

  1. Standard Video + Test
  2. Video Only
  3. Test Only
  4. Document Download
  5. Simple Page
  6. SCORM (Course Type)
  7. Live Event (Course Type)

You can find out more about these differences in our Courseware Management article – but we’ll briefly cover them here:

Standard Video + Test, Video Only, Test Only

This is what we’d refer to as standard content (in name only!). A video will play, and afterwards the User will be presented with a test.

You could also design your Course to play several “Video Only” Chapters, and then present them with a final Test Chapter – so for example, your Course could have 5 Chapters total, the first 4 being Video Only Chapter Types, and the last being a Test Only.

Document Download

This one’s name should explain it – this is a Chapter where Users can download and view any supplemental content that is associated with the Course.

Simple Page

A Simple Page is an open field – add any text you’d like here, or utilize the HTML mode to create something more elaborate.

SCORM and Live Events – these are “Course Types” and do not display the normal list of Chapters you would see on a normal Course. A SCORM Course type and a Live Event will launch in new windows when started.

Video Content plays in “Full Screen” (or Theater) Mode

After selecting a Chapter, if it includes video content it plays full screen (or more accurately, in “theater mode” – which will stretch to the size of your browser).

Chapter “Slider” Menus

Once you’re in the view above, watching a Chapter, you can easily access the additional Chapters in the Course by clicking the top left corner of the screen to open the Chapter menu. On the right side of the screen, you can access your Notes and Course Discussions without leaving the Chapter.

Updated on October 5, 2021
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