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Live Streaming with Vimeo – Advanced Features

This article will cover some of the more advanced features you can use with Vimeo to enhance your Live Streaming Events.

First we’ll assume you already have a Vimeo premium account and are ready for your first stream. If not, head on over to read this article on how to get started.

Once you’ve created your event there are several sections you may want to explore.


In the Chat section, before and during your stream you can monitor and moderate the Chat feed. From here you can Delete or Block messages or Users. Blocking a user will “shadow” block them – meaning they will not know they have been blocked. We suggest having someone on your team monitoring chat just in case someone posts something negative.

To delete or block a post, simply hover next to the comment and you will see the delete and block icons.


Polls are a great way to interact with your audience. We suggest creating a poll early on, and then near the end of the stream you can view the results and share the graphic on the video itself with your viewers.


Another great way to interact with your audience is to allow them to ask questions.

At the bottom of the Chat bar there will be a “Have a question?” section:

Clicking on “Ask” will bring them to a screen where they can type in their question, and also see other users’ questions and can “upvote” them:

Then on the Vimeo admin section, you can see the questions on the list, and also see how many “upvotes” they receive so you can answer the most popular ones.

Once you click “Answer” the question will appear on the screen for everyone to see.


In the Graphics section, you can create Lower Third (newscaster style) graphics, Fullscreen graphics, or embed a logo on the screen.

For the lower third graphics, you may want to simply add the presenter name and title – you can preview what it will look like before you go live:

You can even add a small thumbnail if you’d like

The Full Screen graphics can be useful if you have some data or charts prepared to quickly show on the screen. And the Logo section is useful for watermarking your stream.

We encourage you to explore the Vimeo backend further for more interesting and exciting features they have that you can utilize for your LightSpeed VT Live Events!

Updated on January 25, 2021

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