Create a Live Stream (BETA)

Ready to stream live to all of your Users through your Training Center? Currently, we’re beta testing a new Live Streaming feature through Vimeo, and coming up soon we’ll be bringing YouTube and Zoom support as well.

This article will give you a brief tutorial on how to set this up.

Set up your Live Event with Vimeo

Note: In order to Stream through Vimeo you will be required to have your own Premium account with them. The premium package is the lowest that allows streaming through their service.

  1. Sign into your Vimeo Account and select “Create live event” located at the top-left of the screen

2. Give your Event a title, select One Time, select a start date and time, and then for Privacy we recommend you select “Hide this event from” so that Users from Vimeo can’t stumble upon the stream by mistake – it will be secure to only your VT users.

3. Next, copy this event link, we’ll paste this into a new “Live Event” Course Type under Courseware Management.

4. Create a new Course in Courseware Management (be sure “Advanced Options” are showing) and select “Live Event Course” from the list of options.

5. Give your Course a name, select which Category it should live in, and then under the “Event Link” field paste in the Event link from step 3 above.

Also in this section you can enable or disable Chat, and set the Event date. This Event date will appear in the Course Details in the Training Center. Here is what that looks like:

*Including a Cat picture is optional

6. Once your Course is ready to go, you can look through all of the options Vimeo offers to set up your stream – such as enabling Chat, adding Graphics, using their Q&A feature, and more.

Now you’re just about ready to go. If any of your Users open the Course prior to the event beginning they’ll see a screen that looks like this:

7. Finally, once you’re ready to go live – you will see a red “Go Live” button in Vimeo to go live – this will enable your webcam and microphone and start your stream!

That does it for this tutorial – if you have any questions at all please email us at!

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