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Leaderboard: Best Practices

Training isn’t something that you did, it’s something that you do.

Using reward systems like Leaderboards can help maintain this routine of expected behavior and also provide positive reinforcement for your online learners.

Our advice when it comes to best practices… Keep it simple and make it fun!

Before getting started, you’ll need an acknowledgement plan. This plan will outline desired behaviors and how you want to acknowledge/reward said behaviors.

Attendance is a perfect example. Regular attendance is a critical component to learning whether that’s in person or virtually.

Below are some examples of how you can reward or penalize users with points.


Signing In10
No Sign-in-20

Here we’ve defined two different types of point achievements – One that awards points and one that deducts points.

Signing in everyday can reward users with up to 70 points a week. However, if there is no sign-in activity after 3 days, then 20 points will be deducted.

Leveraging this point based system to address absence can be a key strategy to supporting learner success and having knowledge of the consequences can help him/her structure and improve their behavior.

While regular attendance is important, so is participation.

Carrot or Stick?

Many studies show that rewards usually are more effective than punishments and in this case – users want to improve/develop their skills.

Below are some examples of how you can reward users with badges.


Communication & Mindset Expert1,000
10K ClubN/A

Here we have two badge achievements – The “Communication & Mindset Expert” badge is awarded after completing all courses within the “Communication & Mindset” category and once a user earns 10,000 points they receive the “10K Club” badge.

The perfect scenario: Say you have a user who has earned a total of 9,000 points and they complete all training within the “Communication & Mindset” category. Not only will they earn one badge, but two after accumulating a total of 10,000 points!

Getting the picture? 

Recognition is the best motivator and to a continually improving readiness for more complex tasks. You can also associate rankings that will let your online learners see their progress towards their goal(s). 

Below are examples of how users can achieve ranks.


1 StarN/A
5 Star1,000,000

Here we have a ranking system in place that is based off a scale between 1 and 5.

‘1’ being the lowest mark for users just beginning and ‘5’ being the highest mark for users that completed all courses within the Training Center earning them an additional 1,000,000 points (optional).


With leaderboards, you don’t have to depend solely on exams to keep track of every learner’s progress. Each has their own unique learning style. Some will excel at participating but will fail at test-taking, and vice versa. Naturally people tend to learn and perform better when their efforts are recognized – whether that’s through points, badges, or rankings, this goes without saying and can be associated with everything.

So why not offer an enriched online learning environment that makes learning more fun and enjoyable?

Updated on November 21, 2020

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