Interactive Video Composer

Interactivity is one of the innovations that sets your VT System apart from other training and communications platforms. Our proprietary interactive video playback technology provides virtually endless opportunities for you to connect with your audience and drive up user engagement and retention – which, in turn, increases your revenue.

Learn more about best practices for Planning and Shooting your Videos.

Interactive Video Composer

Read below for more a technical breakdown on configuring Interactive Videos:

My Interactive Videos

The “My Interactive Videos” dashboard contains a compiled list of interactive videos found in your Media Library. You can search and filter by All, Published (completed) and Draft (projects currently in progress).

IVC: My Interactive Videos

Creating a New Interactive Video

Before sitting down to build your Interactive Video, we recommend reviewing best practice guidelines for planning and editing your project.

Definition: Segments

A segment consists of one video part from the entirety of your Interactive Video project. Each segment is configurable for interactivity. It is important to know that a segment can only have one question, as a response to a selection will trigger the users intended path.

Segments created within the Interactive Composer are configurable with the following:

  • Name Your Segment: Give your segment a friendly name – this will help you along the process with composing your Interactive Video. By default, the first Video you add will be titled “Introduction”. Each proceeding Video Segment will be titled as the Response it is associated with. See Step 3 for more details.

STEP 1: Add Your First Video

Click “Create New” to get started, and you’ll first be prompted to select an introduction video to begin building with.

  • Select a Video: The list of available Videos comes from your Media Library – after selection, we will automatically drop your first video in to an “Introduction” segment when creating a new project.

After selecting your Intro video, we’ll load the video in and get ready to start building!

  • Interactive Video: Select this option to add interactive buttons to your Video Segment.
  • Include Captions: Select this option to add captions to your Video Segment. If you currently do not have captions for your Video Content and are interested in learning more, give us a call and we can help you get started.
    • Language: Enter the name of the specific language you are adding.
    • Caption File: Select the desired caption file from the Media Library. The required file format must be “.vtt”
  • When Video Ends: Select what should happen when the video reaches the end of playback.
    • Pause (for user interaction)*
    • Loop (to replay a portion of the video)*
      • Loop Back Time: Set the timeline of the video you would like to automatically loop back to whenever it reaches the end of playback. This will create an infinite loop until the user makes a selection.
    • Redirect (to a new segment or custom URL)
      • Redirect of Completion: Select a new video from the Media Library, an existing Segment or enter a custom URL.
    • End (set completion)

*These options are only available when the segment is set to “Interactive Video”.

STEP 2: Add Question

  • Question: Enter the question or action you are asking Learners to interact with. This provides a clearer understanding and correlation with Interactive Results when running reports for both the Learner and Admin.
  • Display Question and Buttons on Video: No need for post-production graphics! Display both your Question text and Interactive Buttons on top of your video.

Note: At this time, you can only display Question and Buttons on a Video Segment simultaneously.

IVC: Question and Button Layouts

If Selected to Display Question and Buttons on Video, you can choose from 3 Layout options:

  • Center: Question text is displayed across the top 1/3 of the video over a semi-transparent dark background. Buttons are distributed equally in the lower 2/3 of the video.
  • Left: Question text and Buttons are displayed vertically on the left side of the video, over a semi-transparent dark background.
  • Right: Question text and Buttons are displayed vertically on the right side of the video, over a semi-transparent dark background.
  • Display Time: Set a time in the Video to display the Question and Buttons. Note: Question and Buttons can only display at the same time.

STEP 3: Add Buttons

Note: If your Video has post-production graphics, or you simply would like “transparent” buttons (hotspots), do not select Display Question and Buttons on Video.

  • Draw Button: Once selected, a visual marker will be displayed in the Preview panel for you to position and scale as needed. To remove, simply select “Clear Button”.
IVC: Add Hotspots
  • Answer: Enter a value for the Users’ selected answer. This will be the text displayed in the Button, if you have selected to “Display Question and Buttons on Video”.
  • Response: From the dropdown menu, choose the destination for what should happen when a User makes this selection.
    • Video From Media Library: Opens Media Library to search and select a Video. This will automatically create a new Video Segment.
    • Document From Media Library: Opens Media Library to search and select a Document. All linked Documents will open in a new window from the video player. The user will need to return to the Video to continue.
    • Custom URL: Enter any custom URL to redirect users upon selection. You can select to open in a new window or self.
    • Select Segment: Select from a list of all currently added Video Segments. Unnamed segments are labeled as “##. Segment (filename.extension)” to provide clarity.

If you have selected “Display Question and Buttons on Video”:

  • Button Style: Select Primary or Secondary colors for your button. These are based on the Private Label Theme of the Location the Interactive Video will be activated in.

If using “transparent” Buttons:

  • Display Time: Set a time in the Video for the Button to display (or become active). “Transparent” Buttons may be active at different times, but will remain for the duration of the Video.


The Preview panel dynamically loads each video segment as you work within your project and follows you as the page scrolls (desktop only). In addition to the actions listed below, the Preview panel will act as your canvas when adding hotspots – as detailed above.

Interactive Video Composer: Preview Panel
  • Reload Segment: Return playback to the beginning of the current video segment.
  • Build and Preview Video: Compile all segments and test playback of your entire Interactive Video project.
  • Save + Publish: Save the Interactive Video to your Media Library and Publish to Media Library.
  • Save Draft: Save your current process and complete at a later date. Drafts are stored within the Interactive Video Composer dashboard and will not be saved to the Media Library.

Save Draft

Some projects are small and can be completed rather quickly, but many times projects become complex and involve numerous video segments. You can save your progress and return where you left off at any time. Simply select “Save Draft” from the Preview panel and give your project a name (if you haven’t already). Drafts are saved and easily found within the “My Interactive Videos” panel of the Interactive Composer.

Interactive projects in “Draft” are not published to your Media Library. You may only view and access these from the Interactive Composer.

Save + Publish

When you’ve reached the end of your project and have tested the functionality in the Preview panel, simply select the “Save + Publish” button below the preview. You’ll be required to give your project a friendly name (if you haven’t already) and will be provided the option to publish your Interactive Video to a new or existing course.

  • Give Your Video a Name: Enter a friendly name to help your Learners discover content quickly in the Training Center.
Interactive Video Composer: Save and Publish
  • Copy Link: Copy this link and paste into a Chapter or Interactive Landing Page. Please note that this link will not work outside of the LightSpeed VT system.
  • Interactive Landing Pages: To start building a new landing page campaign, select this option to be redirected to the Interactive Landing Page Management screen. Copy the link first or simply select the interactive video from the Media selector once you start building your page.
  • Go to Courseware Management: To add your Interactive Video to a new or existing course, select this option to be redirected to the Courseware Management screen. Copy the link first to save an additional step later – you can always choose “Browse Library” at a later time to select your Interactive file.

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