Event: User Update

Example notification for User Update. Please note that not all fields could apply to a user. For fields that do not have data, an empty value will be returned in the jSON object.

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Event Type: user_update

      "locationVendorID": 12345,
      "LocationName":"Sample Location",
      "misc1":"some info",
      "misc2":"some info2",
      "CompanyName":"Acme Corporation",
   "timeTriggered":"2/5/2016 9:10 AM"


teamId Integer – ID for team which the user belong to
userUpdateMyProfile Boolean – Set to 1 If the user has the ability to update his/her profile
contentRole String – Separated IDs for content roles assigned to user
Phone2 Integer – Second phone number for user
vendorID String – Custom reference ID for the user
Phone1 String – Phone number for user
MiddleName String – User’s middle name
FirstName String – First name of user
startdate Date – Timestamp for user’s starting date
PromoCode String – Coupon code used during chargify transaction
lockUsernamePassword Boolean – Set to 1 if user cannot update their user name and password
userLanguage Integer – ID for language assigned to user
Email String – Email address of user
locationVendorID String – Vendor’s reference ID for user’s location
manageUsers Boolean – Set to 1 If the user has the ability to manage other users
LocationID Integer – ID for location in which user belong to
affiliateID String – Custom info field to track an affiliate
misc1 String – Misc information field
GroupID Integer – ID for the locations group in which the user belong to
misc2 String – Additional misc information field
jobPositionId Integer – ID for user’s job position
ExpireDate Date – Expiration date for user’s account
releasedate Date – Released date for HR purpose
UserAccessLevel Integer – Access level assigned to user. Can be 1 thru 12
Username String – Username
hiredate Date – Hiring date for HR purpose
isActive Boolean – Set to 1 If the user is active
LastName String – Last name of created user
userID Integer – Unique user ID used in our system to identify the user
Gender String – User’s Gender
DOB Date – User’s Date of Birth

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