Event: User Creation

Example notification for User Creation. Please note that not all fields could apply to a user. For fields that do not have data, an empty value will be returned in the JSON object.

NOTE – This webhook event will be sent out by any mechanism of creating a User, e.g. Manually, via the API, via ZAPIER, via Ecommerce, and additionally, there is an option when importing Users in bulk that you can elect to YES send it out, or NO do not send it out.

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Event Type: user_create

      "LocationName":"Jedi Order HQ",
      "LocationCity":"Mos Eisley",
      "LocationState":"Great Mesra",
      "LocationRep":"Mace Windu",
      "team":"Team The Force",
      "TeamLeaderEmail":"[email protected]",
      "createdByUsername": "Qui-Gon",
      "createdByUserID": 2,
      "Email":"[email protected]",
      "UserAddress1":"Chalmun Spaceport St",
      "UserAddress2":"Suite 2",
      "UserCity":"Mos Eisley",
      "UserState":"Great Mesra",
      "CompanyName":"The Jedi Order",
      "misc1":"Lightsaber color: blue",
      "misc2":"Notable Pupil: Anakin Skywalker",
      "aboutMe":"I'm the best \"jedi\" ever",
   "timeTriggered":"2/5/2016 9:10 AM"


GroupID Integer – ID for user’s system
LocationID Integer – ID for user’s location
LocationName String – Name for user’s location
LocationCity String – City for user’s location
LocationState String – State/province for user’s location
LocationZipCode String – Zip/postal code for user’s location
LocationCountry String – Country for user’s location
locationVendorID String – Vendor’s reference ID for user’s location
LocationRep String – Rep for user’s location
teamId Integer – ID for user’s team
team String – Name for user’s team
TeamLeaderUserId Integer – User ID for user’s team leader 
TeamLeaderUsername String – Username for user’s team leader
TeamLeaderFirstName String – First name for user’s team leader 
TeamLeaderLastName String – Last name for user’s team leader  
TeamLeaderEmail String – Email address for user’s team leader  
createdByUsername String – Username of the person or process that created the new user
createdByUserID Integer – UserID of the person or process that created the new user
userID Integer – Unique user ID used in our system to identify the user
Username String – Username of user
isActive Boolean – Active status of user. Set to 1 if the user is active
UserAccessLevel Integer – Access level assigned to user. Can be 1 thru 12
FirstName String – User’s first name
MiddleName String – User’s middle name
LastName String – User’s last name
Email String – User’s email address
DOB Date – User’s date of birth
Gender String – User’s gender
Phone1 String – User’s main phone number
Phone2 String – User’s main phone number
UserAddress1 String – User’s address line 1
UserAddress2 String – User’s address line 2
UserCity String – User’s address city
UserState String – User’s address state/province
UserZipCode String – User’s address zip/postal code
UserCountry String – User’s address country 
userLanguage Integer – ID for language assigned to user
CompanyName String – User’s company name
hiredate Date – User’s hiring date for HR purpose
startdate Date – Timestamp for user’s starting date
releasedate Date – User’s release date for HR purpose
ExpireDate Date – Expiration date for user’s account
misc1 String – Misc information field for user
misc2 String – Additional misc information field for user
vendorID String – Custom reference ID for user
affiliateID String – Custom info field to track an affiliate
promoCode String – Coupon code used during ecommerce transaction 
jobPositionId Integer – ID for user’s job position
lockUsernamePassword Boolean – Set to 1 if user cannot update their username and password
manageUsers Boolean – Set to 1 if the user has the ability to manage other users
userUpdateMyProfile Boolean – Set to 1 if the user has the ability to update his/her profile
contentRole String – Separated IDs for content roles assigned to user
handle String – User’s handle to be used in social features of the site 
hometown String – User’s home town  
aboutMe String – Misc information to be used in social features of the site  
facebook String – User’s Facebook username
linkedin String – User’s LinkedIn username
instagram String – User’s Instagram username 
twitter String – User’s Twitter username 
youtube String – User’s Youtube username 
tiktok String – User’s TikTok username 
Updated on August 23, 2021

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