Event: Location Update

Example notification for Location Update. Please note that not all fields could apply to a user. For fields that do not have data, an empty value will be returned in the jSON object.

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Event Type: location_update

      "GroupName":"Star Wars",
      "LocationName":"Jedi Order HQ",
      "address":"123 Stargazer Avenue",
      "city":"Mos Eisley",
      "state":"Great Mesra",
      "contactName":"Luke Skywalker",
      "email":"[email protected]",
      "creatorEmail":"[email protected]",
      "rep":"Mace Windu",
      "notes":"Place all new Jedis in this location",
      "locationType":"Pending Location Type",
      "manufacturer":"Arakyd Industries",
      "createdDate":"4/12/2021 9:04:14 AM",
      "expireDate":"4/12/2025 9:04:14 AM",
      "businessModel":"By Location - Generation Model (Rev Share)",
      "beginBillDate":"4/12/2021 12:00:00 AM",
      "billingNotes":"$167 per month for Jedis"
   "timeTriggered":"10/02/2017 09:13:14 AM"


GroupName String – Name for location’s system
LocationID Integer – Location’s unique ID
LocationName String – Location’s name
address String – Location’s address
city String – Location’s city
state String – Location’s state/province
zip String – Location’s zip/postal code
country String – Location’s country
phone String – Location’s main phone number
cellPhone String – Location’s secondary phone number
fax String – Location’s fax number
contactName String – Location’s contact name
email String – Location’s contact email address
url String – Location’s URL
vendorUniqueID String – Vendor’s reference ID for location
rep String – Location’s rep
notes String – Notes about location
active Boolean – Location’s active status
locationType String – LSVT’s categorization type for location
templateLocation Boolean – Defines if location can be used as template for creation
sourceLocationID Integer – ID of template location used for creation
maxusers String – Maximum number of users
manufacturer String – Vendor’s manufacturer reference notes
createdDate Date – Location’s creation date
autoExpire Boolean – Defines if location is set to auto-expire
expireDate Date – Location’s expiration date
businessModel String – LSVT’s billing business model
contractTerm String – LSVT’s billing contract terms
licenseFrequency Integer – LSVT’s billing frequency
grossSetUpFee Integer – LSVT’s billing gross set up fee
grossLicenseFee Integer – LSVT’s billing gross licensing fee
gracePeriod Integer – Defines LSVT’s billing grace period
beginBillDate Date – LSVT’s billing starting date
billingNotes String – LSVT’s billing notes
Updated on June 2, 2021

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