Event: Location Creation

Example notification for Location Creation. Please note that not all fields could apply to a user. For fields that do not have data, an empty value will be returned in the jSON object.

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Event Type: location_create

        "event": "location_create",
        "data": {
                "LocationID": 12345,
                "zip": 90210,
                "active": true,
                "sourceLocationID": 67890,
                "phone": 1231231234,
                "creatorEmail": "creator@lightspeedvt.com",
                "state": "California",
                "maxusers": "10",
                "email": "user@lightspeedvt.com",
                "url": "http://www.yahoo.com",
                "LocationName": "Test location name",
                "notes": "Some notes here",
                "GroupID": 123,
                "vendorUniqueID": "XYZ123",
                "city": "Los Angeles",
                "country": "United States",
                "GroupName": "Test System Name",
                "address": "1234 5th st",
                "rep": "Rep name",
                "fax": "1231231234",
                "expireDate": "October, 03 2018 00:00:00"
        "timeTriggered": "10/02/2017 09:13:14 AM",


LocationID Integer – ID assigned to location
zip String – Company’s postal code
active Boolean – Set to 1 If the location is active
sourceLocationID Integer – ID for location template
phone String – Company’s phone number
state String – Company’s state
maxusers Integer – Maximum number of users allowed
email String – Company’s email address
url String – Company’s url
LocationName String – Name for created location
notes String – Notes about location
GroupID Integer – ID for system
vendorUniqueID String – Vendor’s ID used for reference
city String – Company’s city
country String – Company’s country
GroupName String – System’s name
address String – Company’s address
rep Representant’s name
fax String – Company’s fax number
expireDate Date – Expiration date for location