Event: ILP Played

Example notification for Interactive Landing Page Played. Please note that not all fields could apply to a user. For fields that do not have data, an empty value will be returned in the jSON object.

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Event Type: ilp_played

      "LocationName":"Jedi Order HQ",
      "Email":"[email protected]",
      "CampaignName":"Jedi Mind Tricks 101"
   "timeTriggered":"04/12/2021 03:23:20 PM"


VtAccountID Integer – ID for ILP’s LSVT account
VtAccountName String – Name for ILP’s LSVT account
LocationID Integer – ID for ILP’s location
LocationName String – Name for ILP’s location
ilpUserID String – Unique random ID to indentify user for ILP
UserID Integer – Unique user ID used in our system to identify the user
Username String – Username of user
FirstName String – User’s first name
LastName String – User’s last name
Email String – User’s email address
Phone1 String – User’s main phone number
CampaignID Integer – Campaign’s unique ID
CampaignName String – Campaign’s name
Updated on June 2, 2021

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