Event: Custom Subjective Data

Example notification for Custom Subjective Data submitted.  This feature will require an additional HTML file to be input into the chapter.  With this feature one is allowed to ask questions which may have more information than a simple yes/no and opens up new possibilities for user data tracking.  The requirements are having a custom built HTML file (See Example) and a 3rd party catch hook set up.   Please note that not all fields could apply to a user. For fields that do not have data, an empty value will be returned in the JSON object.

Example HTML: custom_subjective_data.html

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Event Type: custom_subjective_data

      "SystemName":"Star Wars",
      "LocationName":"Jedi Order HQ",
      "LocationCity":"Mos Eisley",
      "LocationState":"Great Mesra",
      "Email":"[email protected]",
      "misc1":"Lightsaber color: blue",
      "misc2":"Notable Pupil: Anakin Skywalker",
      "CourseName":"Jedi Mind Tricks 101",
      "ChapterName":"Luke, I am your father. (Role Playing)",
            "Answer1":"Yes, he sure is."
         "Question":"Is Darth Vader really Luke's father?"
            "Answer1":"Anakin Skywalker"
         "Question":"What is Darth Vader real name?"
   "timeTriggered":"04/12/2021 03:23:20 PM"


SystemID Integer – ID for user’s system
SystemName String – Name for user’s system
LocationID Integer – ID for user’s location
LocationName String – Name for user’s location
LocationCity String – City for user’s location
LocationState String – State/province for user’s location
LocationZipCode String – Zip/postal code for user’s location
LocationCountry String – Country for user’s location
locationVUID String – Vendor’s reference ID for user’s location
LocationRep String – Rep for user’s location
teamId Integer – ID for user’s team
UserID Integer – Unique user ID used in our system to identify the user
Username String – Username of user
UserAccessLevel Integer – Access level assigned to user. Can be 1 thru 12
FirstName String – User’s first name
LastName String – User’s last name
Email String – User’s email address
Phone1 String – User’s main phone number
Phone2 String – User’s main phone number
misc1 String – Misc information field for user
misc2 String – Additional misc information field for user
CourseID Integer – Course’s unique id
CourseName String – Course’s name
ChapterID Integer – Chapter’s unique id
ChapterName String – Chapter’s name
Notify Integer
NotifyInterval Integer
NumberOfQuestions Integer – Number of questions that were answered
CustomField1 Nested Object
ID Integer – Custom field ID
Answer1 String – Provided answer
Question String – Question asked
Updated on June 2, 2021

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