Event: Certification Completed

Example notification for Certification Completion. Please note that not all fields could apply to a user. For fields that do not have data, an empty value will be returned in the jSON object.

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Event Type: certification_completion

      "SystemName":"Star Wars",
      "LocationName":"Jedi Order HQ",
      "LocationCity":"Mos Eisley",
      "LocationState":"Great Mesra",
      "LocationRep":"Mace Windu",
      "team":"Team The Force",
      "TeamLeaderEmail":"[email protected]",
      "UserTitle":"Jedi Master",
      "Email":"[email protected]",
      "misc1":"Lightsaber color: blue",
      "misc2":"Notable Pupil: Anakin Skywalker",
      "CertName":"Jedi Master Certification",
   "timeTriggered":"08/10/2016 12:36:22 PM"


SystemID Integer – ID for user’s system
SystemName String – Name for user’s system
LocationID Integer – ID for user’s location
LocationName String – Name for user’s location
LocationCity String – City for user’s location
LocationState String – State/province for user’s location
LocationZipCode String – Zip/postal code for user’s location
LocationCountry String – Country for user’s location
locationVendorID String – Vendor’s reference ID for user’s location
LocationRep String – Rep for user’s location
teamId Integer – ID for user’s team
team String – Name for user’s team
TeamLeaderUserId Integer – User ID for user’s team leader 
TeamLeaderUsername String – Username for user’s team leader
TeamLeaderFirstName String – First name for user’s team leader 
TeamLeaderLastName String – Last name for user’s team leader  
TeamLeaderEmail String – Email address for user’s team leader  
UserID Integer – Unique user ID used in our system to identify the user
Username String – Username of user
UserAccessLevel Integer – Access level assigned to user. Can be 1 thru 12
UserTitle String – User’s title
FirstName String – User’s first name
MiddleName String – User’s middle name
LastName String – User’s last name
Email String – User’s email address
UserDOB Date – User’s date of birth
UserGender String – User’s gender
Phone1 String – User’s main phone number
Phone2 String – User’s main phone number
misc1 String – Misc information field for user
misc2 String – Additional misc information field for user
CertID Integer – Unique ID to identify certification
CertName String – Name of certification
CertCourses String – Separated IDs for courses in certification
CertStart String – Date – Starting date of certification
CertEnd String – Date – Ending date of certification
Updated on June 2, 2021

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