APB’s (All Points Bulletin)

Note: Updated July 2020


The APB (aka All Points Bulletin) is the ability to display a custom message screen to Users at sign in or when they navigate to the training center.

These Bulletins can be assigned per Location, and further assigned per Content Role.

APB’s are great for:

  • Making any sort of new announcements – like new Content available or new features available.
  • Advertising an upcoming Live Event
  • Introducing users to an area of the platform for the first time (Training Center, Leaderboard, Community, etc.)
  • Starting a Rebellion

Create & Manage

You can navigate to the APB management area through the Super User Dashboard, under the Account column.

When you open the APB admin area, you will see a list of existing APB’s that you currently have access to. You can Manage these existing ones, or create a new one.

When creating a new one, here are the settings and which options you have:

  1. Enable APB – easy, turn this on or off.
  2. APB Name – Enter the name of the APB. This will only be seen internally on the APB Admin screen by you.
  3. Content section – What type of APB would you like to create?
    1. Video – this speaks for itself, simply select a video from your Media Library and away you go!
    2. Youtube / Vimeo embed – Grab a shared link directly from YouTube or Vimeo and plug it right in and away you go!
    3. Embed iFrame – this one gets a little more custom – here you can embed a pre-made HTML page you may have created – although remember because this is an iFrame you won’t be able to pull any “styles” from the parent window – so be sure to include those in your code.
    4. Custom – the sky is the limit here – do whatever you want! Actually, there is a limit – we do not allow any <script> tags within this section.
  4. Settings Section – Schedule dates
    1. If you create your APB ahead of schedule, you can enter in dates here to allow it to show up (activate) and disappear (deactivate) at certain times – automatically.
  5. Display Rules – this is where you can select where to display the APB – on Login or at the Training Center.
  6. Dismissible – If this is set to Yes, this will give users the option to be able to dismiss the APB and not see it again on their pass – if it’s set to No then they will see the APB each time.
  7. Priority Level – this is a new feature, if a User has access to two or more APB’s, we will show them the one with the higher priority level. (Now that you can assign more than one APB to a Location and assign them by Content Role, a User could end up with access to two APB’s – so this is how you can decide which one should take precedence in those instances.)

Assignment Options

  1. Location Assignments – Select which Location(s) to assign the APB to – multiple APB’s can now be assigned to the same Location – just keep in mind you’ll want to make sure the Content Role is different for each one, so you hit your target audience.
  2. User Assignments – Select which Content Roles should see the APB – leave this blank if everyone should see it.

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