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All Points Bulletin Messages


The APB is the ability to display a custom message screen to users. (Nicknamed: All Points Bulletin)

This can display either immediately upon sign in, before they get to the Main Menu -OR- as soon as they click “Training Center” – which is commonly used to give a brief orientation of the Training Center to new users.

These custom Bulletins can be toggled ON/OFF per location. They also have a toggle for the user to see a “Don’t Show This Message Next Time,” or not.

The dimensions of the APB are 900px wide, while the height scales according to the size of your content.

Some common uses for the APB are:

  • Making new announcements
  • Publicizing new content that has been added to your system
  • Advertising an upcoming Webinar
  • Introducing users to the Training Center for the first time
  • Starting a Rebellion

Managing or Creating a new APB

When you open the APB admin area, you will see a list of existing APBs that you currently have access to. You can Manage these existing ones, or create a new one.

  1. APB Name
    • Enter the name of the APB. This will only be seen internally on the APB Admin screen.
  2. APB Status
    • Is this Active or Inactive?
  3. Date Range
    • You can set a date range for the APB to be active. After the last date of the range, it will automatically deactivate.
  4. Allow Don’t Show Option:
    • If this is set to yes, it will allow users to bypass the APB the next time they login or enter the Training Center. Typically this would be used for one-time announcements. If you had a permanent message however, you would want to make this “No.”
  5. Show APB On:
    • You can either show the APB on user Login, or when they first enter the Training Center. Note: If you would like to display an APB both on Login and at the Training Center, you can do so by creating two separate APBs and setting one to display on Login and the other to Training Center.
  6. iFrame Path
    • If you have an HTML file you’d like to use in place of the regular text editor, you can link it here. (Example below)
  7. Theoplayer Path:
    • If you would like to show a video in the APB, you can link it here. (Example below)
  8. APB Text
    • Here you can enter any text or html that you would like to feature in the apb. The example above is a basic text example.
  9. iFrame Height
    • The APB is automatically a width of 900 pixels. With the height option, you can raise or lower the height of the APB. It has a maximum height of 750 pixels. If your information is taller than 750 pixels, a scroll bar will be added to the right side of the APB for users to scroll down for more information.

Assignment Options

  1. Select a System this APB will go in (typically you will only have 1 option to select here)
  2. Select a location, or all locations, that this APB will go in.


An APB can only be in 1 location at a time. If you have a second APB to use, you must first unassign the first APB from the desired location before you can assign your second one.

APB Examples

Basic HTML admin screen:

What this screen would look like in the System:

You can even get a little fancier and include some simple images and font size changes:

Using an iFrame, you can implement your own Fonts, CSS, colors, pictures, anything a regular webpage could output. You would just link it in the “iFrame” field:

And here is what the screen would look like in the System:

Theoplayer example:

What the screen would look like in the System: