June 3, 2020

What’s New!

Leaderboard Achievements Watchdog

The Leaderboard was released recently and now we’re introducing a brand new report for it – a Watchdog specifically for Leaderboard Achievements that your Users earned throughout the day, week or month.

You can set this up exactly the same as other Watchdogs!

OTP: Picture Verification

Recently we released the One-Time Passcode feature – which you can read about here – today we’ve added a new Photo Verification. Now you can require the User to snap a picture of themselves or even snap a picture of an ID if needed – the sky’s the limit!

Let us know how you could utilize this feature and how we can improve it.

Updates & Fixes

  • Watchdog: The ‘time selection’ was repeating several (hundred) times – this has been fixed.
  • 407 – Search and Export Users: We made a fix so that Super User C (Access Level 3) Users can no longer see “Premier” content roles.
  • Team Management: Fixed an issue when you drilled down on a list of team members.
  • Bulk User Import: As “Job Position” has been deprecated, we’ve replaced that with “Title” which. To utilize the new field, please download the latest Bulk User Template.
  • Advanced Localization: Fixed an issue with impersonating a User – where sometimes when you “returned” to yourself after impersonating a User who had a different language selected, it would stay with you until you signed out/in again.