June 23, 2020

What’s New!

Zoom Internal – More Secure. Better User Experience.

We’ve made a new update to our Live Events Beta – introducing Zoom “Internal”.

This update gives you a new Zoom “Internal” option, versus the existing option which we’ve renamed “External” – Here are the differences between using Internal vs. External:


This is what our own team uses for our own meetings. When users join this event, a new tab/window will open in their browser and they’ll be prompted by Zoom to join the meeting – and it’ll act just like a regular Zoom call after that.


With Internal, users are never prompted to open a new tab – they stay right in the Training Center. And you as an Admin have control over a dozen new options under the Settings section of Create/Edit Courseware.

This version allows you to password protect the meeting so that users must be logged into your VT System in order to join.

And the best part is no Zoom software or external app needs to be running.

As we mentioned this is currently in a Beta stage – more improvements will be coming – but we’d love to hear your feedback as you use it!

Updates & Fixes

Before you read through the amazing updates below, we want to set the mood for you – think of this like a nice family dinner… Maybe the kind you used to have as a kid. Maybe there’s a fire crackling in the fireplace, everyone is around the table, laughing, sharing stories told for the 100th time. Admiring the amazing cooking, as usual of course. The centerpiece of the meal, the ham, glistens in the low light. The mashed potatoes are just creamy enough. Grandpa smiling at you with a twinkle in his eye, right before he tells you that you were adopted. Everyone freezes, eyes wide, eyebrows as high as they can go… Silence covers the room like an icy winter night. Okay let’s see what’s been updated!

  • File Vault: We’ve added support for the .pptx file type.
  • Billing Profile: Now users who signed up via PayPal can manage their subscriptions through the billing profile. Upgrading their subscription will take them directly to their PayPal account to authorize the transaction. After the purchase is made, the screen will refresh and show their new subscription on the profile.
  • Assigned Training:
    • Reports update – the Assigned Training Report will now include a “Team” column next to each user, if it’s applicable.
    • We made a tweak to the Assigned Training emails so that a white button on a white background can no longer happen – this was due to conflicting settings being pulled from some System themes.
  • User Impersonation: Impersonating a user is one of the coolest parts of being an Admin – you can hop in as any user to see the System through their eyes. Now, through popular demand, we’ve made an update so that when you impersonate a user, it will no longer track / count towards the Location’s usage, or the number of times the User has signed in. This is reflected on all reports.
  • Report Card: There was an issue exporting Report Cards to PDF in some specific use cases – this has been fixed.
  • Private Label Manager: We’ve added a new ‘Prompt’ to ask you, “are you sure?” when making changes to a theme. This will help you avoid accidentally updating the wrong theme, and it will also tell you how many Locations will be affected by your update.
  • Leaderboard:
    • Fixed a small issue with the “next page” links at the bottom.
    • Optimization – Faster is better, right? We’ve done some tinkering and optimized the speed of the Leaderboard – it now loads 846 million times more quickly1 than it did previously, allowing you to find yourself ranked 547th out of 550 faster than ever!

Okay – that’s all we have for today – until then, please enjoy this accurate2 representation of my family when we go camping:

Squirrel Camping

1 This number is not accurate.
2 This is not really my family, these are squirrels.